I played with a Hillbilly Band

I'm currently visiting my grandfather who lives in a village for retired ministers and missionaries. There are always activities for people to go to to keep them active and entertained, one of them being the weekly hillbilly band. There is a dedicated band that plays and then anyone can get up and sing or play … Continue reading I played with a Hillbilly Band

Do I Really?

I come across a lot of questions that start with, Do I really? While I was doing chores tonight I was singing Mica Tyler's song Different.  The chorus just kept ringing through my mind, pushing out the usual chatter and planning that's going through my mind while I'm working. I wanna be different I wanna be … Continue reading Do I Really?

My favorite App, Pandora Music

When I was cleaning the house last week, I was listening to Pandora Radio as usual, when the song "Mended" came on sung by Mathew West. I loved the lyrics so I thought that I would share them with you. As soon as I get the time to figure out how to put links in … Continue reading My favorite App, Pandora Music