Sophy’s Open Heart Surgery is Going to Start Soon

Sophy's surgery is today

Surgery is scary

Sophy's open heart surgery is tomorrow

A Foster Kid’s Prayer

“God, please give me a mommy and a daddy who will love me and adopt me. I don’t mean to be bad, but nobody wants me. Can you please make me good enough so that some nice mommy and daddy will want me? Thankyou God. Amen.”  I lay in my bunk bed and prayed with … Continue reading A Foster Kid’s Prayer

Minny on laundry day

That little mini foal is impossibly cute. I've been taking her and her mom, Sugar, out to graze every day, and Minny runs circles around us the whole way there and back. Since we have to re-fence the horse pasture, and Minny is still only supposed to have controlled exercise, Sugar gets tied to four … Continue reading Minny on laundry day

Miniature Training Forecart

My birthday was last weekend and my dad's birthday present to me was to help me build a Forecart for my miniature horse that I'm training. It took us a total of about three days because there were a couple things that we had to get in town to finish it.    We started out with … Continue reading Miniature Training Forecart

So I'm really really, super afraid of thunderstorms. Like, deathly terrified, phobia kind of afraid. I won't lie about it just to try and make myself look cool when everyone around me is enjoying the storm. Ever since we had one really bad storm a few years ago that tore off half our barn and … Continue reading


 A lot of people seem to hate Mondays, I don’t mind them personally. Of course I’m homeschooled so that probably plays a big part in my opinion of the offending weekday.  Monday is the first day of the week, so instead of dragging your feet and moanin and groaning, why not be excited for the … Continue reading Mondays

To Fathers Everywhere…

To fathers everywhere, I say thankyou. Even if your not related by blood, you are still a dad when you take on the hard job of being that kind of role model.  Sometimes being a dad means that you have to punish us and in return, we won't like you very much for awhile, but … Continue reading To Fathers Everywhere…

Tired and hot this week

  It's been almost 100 degrees all week and we still haven't gotten our air conditioner fixed so we've all been hot and extra tired lately especially my dad. Haying season is in full swing now and we are almost half done with our first cutting on our pivot. I'm back on a horse everyday … Continue reading Tired and hot this week