Surgery went well

Sophy's surgery went well yesterday, and she was moved out of PICU today. She still doesn't want to eat yet, but her doctors are very happy with how she is doing overall. Continued prayers for a speedy recovery are welcome. And please pray for Sophy's parents as well as her 1 year old brother and … Continue reading Surgery went well

Ranch Happenings…

    Well, I haven't done anything exceptionally interesting this week except rewrite the same chapter of my book three times in two days! I'm still not happy with it, but it's better at least.  I trimmed two of my horses hooves yesterday too, well technically I started Sweetheart and dad finished her but I did … Continue reading Ranch Happenings…

My favorite App, Pandora Music

When I was cleaning the house last week, I was listening to Pandora Radio as usual, when the song "Mended" came on sung by Mathew West. I loved the lyrics so I thought that I would share them with you. As soon as I get the time to figure out how to put links in … Continue reading My favorite App, Pandora Music

Lady broke a leg, I got a cold, and a heifer found a porcupine

Well, I got back from Bible camp last week and woke up the next day with a cold. I spent almost a week basically putting myself into quarentine in my room in an attempt to keep from getting my parents sick. An attempt that so far anyway, has been successful. I'm feeling better for the … Continue reading Lady broke a leg, I got a cold, and a heifer found a porcupine

A question for my followers…..

It was recently brought to my attention that my last blog was hard to understand. It was also the first blog I tried before I moved over here to WordPress but still... I will admit that I don't really know why I wanted to start a blog in the first place. The idea literally just … Continue reading A question for my followers…..

A Village’s Pain…-A full chapter of my Book!!

    Ronin had left the other three warriors from the cave behind to bring Anara’s Stallion Storm, back at a slower pace. The stallion was very sick from laying out in the cold rain after such a long and tiring run, but Ronin couldn’t just leave him there in case the enemy came back … Continue reading A Village’s Pain…-A full chapter of my Book!!

Introvert writer

     Introverts can be some of the greatest storytellers. We just are so uncomfortable around big groups of people, that it can be very difficult to immerse ourselves in the world, time, and adventure that we are trying to describe. But to write, is to tell you about every mountain, prarie, sea, castle, temple, … Continue reading Introvert writer