To Write

To write, is to create.  To creat new worlds is to visit the places and times I will never be able to see.  Through writing, I can do things only possible in dreams.   To write, is to be strong, beautiful, confident, invulnerable.  To write, to create, is to be Fearless! This is why it … Continue reading To Write

A question for my followers…..

It was recently brought to my attention that my last blog was hard to understand. It was also the first blog I tried before I moved over here to WordPress but still... I will admit that I don't really know why I wanted to start a blog in the first place. The idea literally just … Continue reading A question for my followers…..

A Village’s Pain…-A full chapter of my Book!!

    Ronin had left the other three warriors from the cave behind to bring Anara’s Stallion Storm, back at a slower pace. The stallion was very sick from laying out in the cold rain after such a long and tiring run, but Ronin couldn’t just leave him there in case the enemy came back … Continue reading A Village’s Pain…-A full chapter of my Book!!

Introvert writer

     Introverts can be some of the greatest storytellers. We just are so uncomfortable around big groups of people, that it can be very difficult to immerse ourselves in the world, time, and adventure that we are trying to describe. But to write, is to tell you about every mountain, prarie, sea, castle, temple, … Continue reading Introvert writer

A bit of my book… Training

Training Begins The sun was just coming over the horizon when I woke and I dressed myself quickly in a sleeveless light gray tunic that showed my muscular arms with the two tattooed bands that went around my upper arms, and the jagged scar on my left arm just below the tattoo from where I … Continue reading A bit of my book… Training

Writing Fever and Messy Handwriting. 

I've had messy handwriting for as long as I can remember. I can have the prettiest, elegant, neat handwriting when I take the time to do it, but who has time for that?! When I get a really good idea for my book that I just have to wright down right now, I end up going between … Continue reading Writing Fever and Messy Handwriting. 

Naming Characters-HELP!!!!

Okey, I have an awful time finding the perfect names for my characters. Sometimes I just type in randome letters like kdlfiahoe, and see if it looks like a name, and sometimes I spend hours on meaning-of-names web-sights on the Internet. Now I'm almost nine long chapters in and I still have one unnamed horse … Continue reading Naming Characters-HELP!!!!

Two Armies and Warriors of Legend. 

The two armies were gathered at the valley that was the only pass through the mountains dividing their countries. The very same valley where the final battle of the Ten Year War had been waged. Now, nearly a century later, they gathered again. Almovia in the East, and Nosidia in the West.  The valley narrowed … Continue reading Two Armies and Warriors of Legend. 

Google, my magic box. 

         Please tell me I'm not the only writer who starts out looking for a picture of a throne room to make sure you described it right, but ended up looking at dungeons and torture chambers...... Seriously, the other day as I was doing a few changes I got to worrying that … Continue reading Google, my magic box. 

Never keep your entire book-in-progress in just one file… EVER!

The grass is turning green, it's time to sell some steers, and the thunderstorm season begins. For the last few weeks it has seemed like every other day you would wake up to find an inch of snow outside, but by evening it was sunny with green grass again! To tell the truth, I actually … Continue reading Never keep your entire book-in-progress in just one file… EVER!