Day #3 of Stockwhip training

I finally fully cracked my whip with Moon and she did great!

I was going to post the video here, but my computer and internet aren’t cooperating. But you can see the video on my Youtube channel, GoPro Cowgirl as well as some of my other videos. Please keep on mind that I’m still learning how to edit videos, so the quality isn’t terribly good yet.

Also, when I’m recording a training session, I usually forget all about the camera, so I forget to explain what I’m doing 😅. Hopefully really soon I can start doing some voice overs.

Next week for my birthday my dad is going to show me some techniques he didn’t have time to teach me when I was training Sweetheart. So unless some Earth shattering disaster occures, I’ll have a video of getting on Moon for the first time next week!!!

This little filly amazes me with how willing and eager she is to learn. I’m excited to watch and help her grow and I can tell she’s going to be one awesome ranch horse who will teach me more than I could ever teach her.

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