Surgery is scary

Well, I’m in Omaha Nebraska again for Doctor appointments. I saw a brain specialist a couple days ago for my migraines, and he ordered a CAT scan and a twenty minute EEG. Both came back normal. The EEG was also taken on the suspicion that I am having abcense seizures, but everything that we’ve read says that you need an EEG that is at least an hour long to accurately determine if the patient is simply severly ADD or having abcense seizures. But, I’m not the doctor, so now I still don’t know why I get migraines so bad that I literally cannot open my eyes without throwing up, and I don’t know why I forget days at a time and forget where I am, who my teacher is, and who the people sitting next to me are in the middle of the class I’ve been going to for five months. 

I hate going to the doctor. Especially when they can hardly ever help me. 

Friday morning, my three year old niece, Sophia, goes in for open heart surgery to correct a birth defect. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I do know that the doctors were wrong when she was born. The machine that scanned her heart did not show the full severity of everything that was wrong with her heart, and a more in depth test that was done last week showed just how bad everything was. She should have had this surgery when she was nine months old, and it is a miracle that she made it this long without showing more symptoms, or dying.

The doctors who will be operating on her tomorrow are some of the best in the world, and they have performed this surgery a few times before, so she is in good hands. The doctors are all pretty confident, but all prayers for a safe surgery and speedy recovery are welcome. 

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