Minny on laundry day

That little mini foal is impossibly cute. I’ve been taking her and her mom, Sugar, out to graze every day, and Minny runs circles around us the whole way there and back. Since we have to re-fence the horse pasture, and Minny is still only supposed to have controlled exercise, Sugar gets tied to four cement blocks with a lunge line in the back yard with a rubber tub of water filled with fresh water within reach. Before I get a bunch of haters harping on how dangerous that is, keep in mind that she is right outside the living room window, and she is never left there when I am not there where I can keep an eye on her. Also, Sugar figured out how to untangle herself when she gets it between her legs.


Anyway, yesterday I was doing laundry, and the first thing I washed was a bunch of blankets. Since the weather was nice I decided to put them on the clothesline to dry. I was a pretty breezy day, so those blankets and sheets were flapping all over the place as I wrestled them into submission under clothespins.

Sugar was grazing about ten feet from me, not liking the fabric monsters one little bit, but what did little Minny do? She trotted right up to me and stood there while I finished the last sheet, completely ignoring her mother’s loud demands that she stay away from me and the clothesline.

Then she promptly figured out that it was cooler if she stood in the middle right by the pole. She didn’t even care that the blankets were flapping around, smacking her back, rump, and face. Eventually she laid down and slept there for about an hour. After a few minutes, Sugar figured out that her baby was in no danger and went back to grazing.



When I replaced the blankets with sock, t-shirts, and what-not, Minny had a blast playing with the laundry basket and tossing all the socks around that I was trying to match as I pinned them up. She’s so silly! It took me half an hour to hang that load because I just had to stop and laugh at her antics and give her a scratch behind the ears as a reward for making me smile so much.

After three weeks without the casts, her legs are almost straight, although her pasterns still bend too much, causing her to walk on her heels more when she starts to get tired. I’ve been filling down her hooves a little at a time to encourage her pastern to straighten so she doesn’t wear her heels down. After a little over a week with the casts, she was actually getting worse, so I decided to go with the other course of treatment. I took the casts off, and hoped that small doses of controlled exercises would help.

Even though the casts didn’t actually straighten her legs at all, I still think that it was a good idea to have them on in order to give the bone and cartilage in her knees and ankles a chance to strengthen so she wouldn’t do so much damage to herself as she moved around until the tendon was strong enough to take the strain. She was premature, which is almost certainly what caused the lax tendons in the first place. Although she is actually somewhat big for a mini foal even though she was early. 🙂


I’ll do my best to post regularly now even if it’s only a few pictures.

The top picture is the day after she was born, and the bottom is exactly three weeks later

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