Connor VS. the Captain

I was just flipping through some old notes for my book and I came across a little scene that I wrote. I still think it’s kinda funny, so I decided to share.

P.S. It’s funnier when you are familiar with all the character’s personalities, but hopefully it won’t be too boring for you.


“So you think you can beat me, ‘eh?” I checked the edge of the arrow I was sharpening one last time before I looked up at Conor’s confident expression.

“That’s what I said!” his grin only grew wider. “You may be able to beat all of us in a long-distance run, but I’m the fastest in this fief and every one bordering it!”

“All right then,” I laid the arrow and whetstone down, and stood, “prove it.” I stretched my right leg and asked, “Rules?”

“Three laps around the field. If I win, I don’t have to do the PODs anymore.”

I stretched my left leg. “If I win, you have to do anything Alake says for the rest of the day.” His grin faltered slightly at the thought of having to take orders from his rival. “Come on pretty boy, let’s go!” I smirked at his indignant outcry at the nickname as I headed to the edge of the field.


“Hey, guys! Conor just challenged the captain to a race!” Kerwin shouted as he ran up to the group of men carefully practicing their forms on the affectionately named, “Poles of Death”, also known as the PODs.

“Idiot did what?” Alake said with delighted disbelief. He may have said something to the big oaf about their captain probably being able to outsprint anyone in the castle yesterday, but he didn’t think the idiot would actually challenge her!

Kerwin was already running over to the sparring rings nearby to tell the other men of the squad what was about to happen.

“This is your doing isn’t it?”

Alake turned to see Connor’s old teacher, Corbin and suppressed a grin. “I don’t know what you mean, Sir Corbin”

The old knight couldn’t help but laugh at his old student’s enthusiasm, if not intelligence (or lack thereof) as he stretched next to his captain on the edge of the field.

“Six silver says she’ll beat him by at least half a lap.” Alake stated with a completely deadpanned expression.

“You have yourself a bet!” Corbin stated back with confidence, and they shook hands. “Conor may not always be the smartest, but that boy has a pair of legs to outrun a horse.”

They watched silently as the race began, each certain they’d win.


Conor and I agreed to start at a jog to get out muscles loosened up, and as we neared the PODs where the race would start, I saw that all the men who were supposed to be practicing were instead standing at the edge of the field cheering.

We passed the starting point and Conor shot forward like an arrow from a bow. I matched his pace and drew even with him, staying beside him for the first lap, before pretending to struggle and gradually let Conor pull ahead.


The runners came and went in a blur. “You better start counting out my silver kid. Conor’s not even at his top speed and the Captain is already struggling to keep up.”

“Look a little closer.” the younger Knight said knowingly. “She is gradually speeding up, forcing Conor to run a little faster to maintain the same distance. She’s forcing him to exhaust himself without him even realizing it because he’s too confident in his victory,” he said like a tactician explaining a battle plan.

Corbin watched more carefully as the runners neared the end of their second lap. “You’re right!” his respect for the young knight grew. It was impressive that he’d noticed so quickly.


Conor had just passed the PODs, signaling that they were beginning their final lap, when he suddenly increased his speed. I was wondering when he was going to go all out. I guess I should too. I can’t have one of my subordinates getting too big of an ego. Like a stone from a slingshot, I let loose and called up every last bit of speed. My lungs greedily sucked in air to fuel my straining muscles, my long red braid strung out behind me, and my own wind brought tears to my eyes.

In just a few seconds I was sailing past a shocked Conor with ease. I slowed down right before I passed the PODs, but my momentum would carry me a good long way if I did not dispel it. So without hesitation, I did an elaborate flip into the air that carried me to the Poles of Death. I flipped onto the lowest pole that was about three feet high, landing in a handstand and pushing off into one final jump with nothing but the strength in my arms, and landed in a crouch on a pole a little over four feet high. The cheers of my men were deafening.

Conor came to a stop at the bottom of the poles and bent over panting, much to the amusement of the other men, as I was barely winded.

I leap down from the poles and approached Conor. “That was fun, we should do it again sometime!” I patted him on the back and turned away, heading back toward my tree where I had been sharpening arrows. I did not bother to hide my mirth as I called over my shoulder to Alake. “Hey Alake, Conor is your slave for the day! Everybody else, get back to work!”


Alake walked up to Corbin and held out his hand without a single expression on his face.

Corbin smacked the coins into his palm with a frown. “How did you know?”

Then Alake grinned so wide Corbin thought his face would break. “I raced her yesterday.”

“Why you little cheat!” he spouted indignantly.

“I did not cheat, Sir Corbin, I merely researched the subject of my bet, just like you. Now,” he pocketed the coins, “I believe I have a slave to go collect.”

“Cheeky little brat.” Corbin muttered with a chuckle as Alake went to torment his rival.




Thank you for reading! Please like and leave a comment to let me know what you thought of it.

The picture I just found on Google and it kind of looks like how I am imagining Conor. I don’t own it, and I don’t know who it belongs to.


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