May 2

Well first of all, I finally got a computer, so I won’t have to worry about my iPad or phone shutting down in the middle of an upload. I can be pretty impatient sometimes, so I ordered on day shipping. The monitor was delivered on time, but it was delivered to the wrong house and we were told it was left on the front porch in the pouring rain. I went to all the neighbors that FedEx usually delivers our stuff to and it wasn’t there. A few hours later, FedEx was able to get in contact with the driver and we found out that it had been left just inside the door of our neighbor’s calving shack. At least it was dry though. So that evening I had to go across a pasture full of prairie dog holes to pick it up. FedEx has never delivered our packages to our house correctly on their first try, but this was a little ridiculous.

By the end of he day, the actual tower of my computer still had not arrived, in fact, it had not even left the carrier facility yet. I was annoyed because I wanted to be getting it set up during our impending bad weather, but at least I would get refunded the $30 I paid for faster shipping. The tower came four days late, and they still delivered it to the wrong house. I picked it up from the neighbor on my way home from school, and intended to power it up before I took a nap.

Everything was hooked up and looking pretty, and the monitor said “no signal”. It was very poorly packaged, and whenever the tower was tipped I could hear something clanking around which led me to believe something was broken.

So I messaged my brother who is a genius when it comes to anything computers, and he had me do a bunch of different stuff before telling me to take the side panel off, take a picture, and he’d walk me through checking for damage. Within five minutes the problem was found and fixed. At some point, the computer had been jarred so hard that it knocked the Ram out. I clipped the Ram back in place, powered it on, and it was running beautifully!

I must have thanked my brother twenty plus times. Without his help, I would’ve had the hassle of sending it back, trying to claim warranty, and get a new one. He just laughed at me. I can navigate most computers just fine, but I am by no means an expert.

Anyway, point is, I got a new computer, hopefully that means I can do more posts of better quality. I might need to get a new keyboard first though, this one kinda sucks.

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