A foal on the way…



I bred my miniature horse, Sugar, to my other mini, Georgie, last year. Awhile ago, Sugar was acting like she was going into labor. I had a mini panic attack because she wasn’t due until about the end of may, (I have since found out that minis do not usually carry the full 11 months, and at about 300 days of pregnancy the foal is developed enough to be born without consequences) but she had a full milk bag and was showing all the signs.

So I hauled a lawn chair and a sleeping bag into the barn and slept near her stall, getting up every hour to check on her. Nothing happened that night, or the next day, so as I was getting ready to spend a second night in the barn, my mom said, “You know it could be another two weeks before she foals.” To which I replied, “Well I guess I’m going to be sleeping in the barn for two weeks then.”

and the foal watching begins…


This Wednesday night will be the two week mark.

Everybody was convinced that I would not sleep in the barn during a storm that was practically a blizzard, but I hunkered down and held fast to my post. The night before the storm, the air was damp and it was supposed to get below 29 degrees. I knew I ws going to freeze all night, but I’d rather freeze and be there just in case to keep a foal from freezing.

My dad took pity on me and built me a little house with Styrofoam insulation complete with a heat lamp.


my dad is the best lol

For the last five or six, Sugar has acted like she is getting closer and closer to foaling, so I shortened my hourly intervals of sleep, to only 30 minutes. I get up every 30 minutes, every single night, just to find that she has not had her baby yet. I missed one night, but that was an accident. During the day I check her every hour, but(of course) she pretty much sleeps all day.

When I’m at school, mom or dad have to go check her, and I text them every hour to see how she is doing. I also found out, that barely 4 hours of sleep is not very beneficial when taking a Geometry test. I passed it though, barely.

I am so excited to see what this baby is going to be like! I really hope it’s born soon. Also, I would like a full nights sleep.

Sugar’s belly almost comes to the ground now



Georgie is such a good boy. I hope his babies are just like him
When Georgie was born he looked like this, but he turned white when he shed his baby coat.

2 thoughts on “A foal on the way…

  1. Has her belly been changing shape throughout the day? Sugar’s baby is really moving around right now and you can tell that it’s getting into position. You can even see exactly where it’s hooves are when it kicks lol.


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