My horse predicts the weather better than the radar

Initially a lot of those hail stones were about the size of nickels

I can count on one hand and still have fingers to spare how many times Sweetheart has been so spooked I was on the verge of completely losing control and her going into a full on panic, and every single one was because of sever weather. 

Late afternoon today one of the neighbors’ horses got out and came over to visit ours, so I saddled up my mare and ponied him the half mile back. I knew we were supposed to get some scattered thunderstorms, but I didn’t think it was really supposed to be anything bad so I just decided to trot there and trot back. Simple right? 

On my way home, I was having a very hard time controlling Sweetheart. Normally even when she’s super fresh and wanting to run she still obeys and I’m in complete control. I wasn’t very far from the neighbor’s barn and Sweetheart was about to bolt, when the first hailstones started to fall. I debated trying to get home before the hailstorm really got going, but before I even went 3 steps (she can literally reach full speed in 5) I would have lost control of my horse. So I turned her around and we raced back to the neighbor’s barn to wait it out. 

 Moral of the story; when your usually calm-willing-only-gets-nervous-with-sever lighting-tornadoes-and-hail-horse wants to stay home, STAY HOME!!

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