I am (I hope) going to be a (published)Writer

I did something really exciting today! I applied for a freelance writing job online! 

It is a really simple job that doesn’t pay hardly at all, but it will put some published experience under my belt, and help me get the better jobs. I have no idea if I will actually be hired, and I will be applying for more, but I’m really excited! 

I joined a website for aspiring writers called, MasterWritingJobs.com They have hundreds of jobs on the site, and it is always being updated with more jobs added almost by the hour. You pay a one time fee for a lifetime membership, and I considered it reasonable. I signed up during a sale where I only payed half the normal price of $68, and I should be able to make that money back after doing a couple of the lower paying jobs that do not require as much experience. After you have experience and a suitable resume or portfolio, you are more likely to be hired to write articles that range from $100-$900 depending on the word count. Most of the job descriptions that I read today asked for 300-1000 words. 

In addition to providing job requests for freelance writers, MasterWritingJobs also provides you with free ebooks to help you become a better, more efficient writer. 

Another benefit of this site, is that they do not take any comission. You keep every penny of what is offered for the job. MasterWritingJobs sets you up directly with the customer. 

I really want to be a writer, and this is the first real step toward actually making money with it.

Do any of my followers like to write, or have similar goals?

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