I Hate Being in the City…

I don’t have anything ranch related to post about right now because I’m in Omaha Nebraska for Dr appointments. I’ve always had a bad back but it was causing me so much pain this year that I got an appointment with a back specialist. 

After several X-rays, the Dr said that two of the vertebrae in my lower back don’t have any water between them so there is no cushion between the bones. Basically I’ve got bone rubbing bone. 

The problem is that I’m too young for them to really do anything about it. So I just drove 8 hours for them to tell me to just live with it! The Dr also said that I should “avoid agrivating it”and do physical therapy along with a low impact exercise regimen. The primary thing that causes me pain is damp weather, and riding. I don’t care if it is causing me pain, there’s no way I’m going to give up riding!

It’s odd though, because riding really only makes my back hurt if I ride at a walk for extended periods. Loping is the most comfortable gait for me to ride. But even though there’s more impact at a lope, it doesn’t move that part of my back as much. If I go too long without riding, that causes me pain and I get really stiff. 

It’s a delicate balance between painful, and helpful. 

Note: I don’t understand how y’all can stand living in the city. I’ve been here barely three days and I’m sick of it! Literally!🤒 there’s a bug going around here that causes vertigo and I may have caught it.😖

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