I promise I’m not dead, things have just been really crazy here at home. Things are still kind of crazy actually…

But anyway, Lady’s leg is still in a cast. One of the load bearing toes is healing really well and only needs to be in a cast for another two weeks. The other toe hasn’t healed at all and the vet thinks there is a pretty good chance it could just creat a false joint there. But if the other toe heals well he didn’t think that it would cause her too much trouble. 

I ran into a major roadblock with one of my main characters in my book, and decided to almost totally change his personality and backstory. I have a lot more room to work with him now. However that means I have to rewrite everything that involves him in the last twelve chapters….  
Note: I accidentally deleted this and just got it reatored so the post date isn’t the same as when I actually posted it. 

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