Pokemon Go at the Vet

So while I was at the vet earlier this summer for my dog to finally get her cast off, and I was a little early so I had to wait awhile. While sitting there with my dog happily sitting at my feet I think, “Hey I wonder if there’s anything good nearby.” So with this thought in mind I pull out my phone and opened up my Pokemon Go app, blissfully unaware that my volume was up ALL THE WAY UP. My phone LOUDLY proclaims to the entire vet clinic that I have just opened up the wonderful game.  

Not three full seconds later, two vet assistants/interns came running into the waiting area and very excitedly ask, “Are you catching anything good?!” 

I looked up rather startled at both the noise of my phone and their abrupt entrance. “No. But there are some pretty good ones just out of my range.” 

One of them looks to the other and says, “Well that’s just our luck. We can never reach them in here.” They both somewhat sadly turn around and go back to work. 

As soon as they were gone, me and the receptionist broke down laughing!😂

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