August, September, and October Update

I promise that there is a very good reason why I have not posted in three months! Actually there are a lot… in August when I was about to do a post, I had a family emergency and doing a blog entry was the last thing I felt like doing. Then we had a LOT of hay to put up, although I admit I did not help very much in the hayfield really.

In September I was doing a lot of extra riding for another ranch and that totally wore my horses and me into the ground. In September I was also asked to do some fiddling in an upcoming a hoe-down at our local senior center. I was lead to think that it was going to be a bigger deal than it really was. I was so stressed over it that I literally practiced nearly every spare minute I had, there were a few times that I practiced my violin for almost four hours.

The second week of October came around and I arrived at the hoedown only to find that I had gotten myself worked up in knots worried that I wasn’t going to be good enough for nothing. When I got there it was a really sweet old lady singing, and a sweet old man on a guitar. As soon as I walked through the door, someone saw my violin case and western wear and started shouting, “Hey everybody, our fiddler is here! The fiddler’s here!” The old man kept asking how I wanted the microphone set up for my violin, and I had to insist several times that it would not be necessary.

“Trust me, you don’t want me to use that. It’d be way to loud if I did.” I joked. he still didn’t look terribly convinced but I had me introduce myself and tell them about my violin. When I mentioned that my instrument was over two-hundred years old, the whole room was shocked. After the old man and I had played a few songs, he told me that I had the sweetest sounding violin he had ever heard. That was high praise because he used to accompany fiddlers at all the big competitions. He also agreed that my violin projected sound so well that a microphone was definitely not needed.

One lady asked  me, “Why do you like this old people music so much?” to which I responded, “It’s a lot better than the Pop songs most kids seem to like now.” Apparently this statement was downright hilarious because it had everyone laughing for a long time.

A couple of the songs I did were “Old Dan Tucker” and “Oh Susanna” and they kept asking me to do them again. While I was there, one of the old ladies there called the newspaper and had them send someone over. When I was done playing, he even interviewed me and everything. The result was that I was on the front page of our small town newspaper. Living as far out of town as I do, I haven’t seen the paper or the pictures yet, but some friends are saving a paper for me.

I just had my one year blog anaversary this month too. 🙂


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