Ranch Happenings…

Well, I haven’t done anything exceptionally interesting this week except rewrite the same chapter of my book three times in two days! I’m still not happy with it, but it’s better at least. 

I trimmed two of my horses hooves yesterday too, well technically I started Sweetheart and dad finished her but I did the mini all my myself! The only reason my dad had to finish Sweetheart for me was because she went too long without a trim and she kicked a fence or something and ended up with a weird crack that was starting to split away from the hoof wall. The crack started high up on her hoof and was originally harmless, but as it grew out, it started to seperate and push out from the hoof. There wasn’t really anything we could do about it, and it wasn’t hurting her, so we just let it grow out. So when we trimmed that hoof yesterday, that chunk ended up comming right off with everything else, so it looks like someone trimmed way too short on one corner. She hasn’t shown any signs of being sore on it though. 

Her hooves turn into all kinds of weird shapes when they get too long because since we live in the Sandhills, her hooves don’t wear down at all on their own. When I’m riding out in the pasture when I’m moving cattle, she is literally ankle deep in just sand. Riding out in that stuff 40+ hours a week will get your horses in really good condition though. But even when my horses are in good condition, I swap between different horses so that I can give them each a rest. Although right now I’m only riding around 20 hours a week, I’m just starting to need to move the cattle away from the water tanks during the heat of the day so that they will go out to graze, so I’ll be riding a lot more and I’ll get some good pictures to post here so you guys can see what I do everyday.

I also worked with my weanling-almost-yearling Moon, on keeping her feet up while I cleaned them out yesterday too. She really fought me for the first front leg and the first back leg, but I just kept her foot up and let her hop around until she was comfortable, and I kept talking to her until she was calm. I have been working on her picking them up and holding them up for about a week already, she just wasn’t used to keeping them up quite that long while having me mess with them Once she stood still again, I kept cleaning the hoof out. I did both front feet first since she is more comfortable with those, and she didn’t struggle or anything for the second one. It was the same for the rears. She has always been a pretty quick learner, as soon as she realizes that something I’m doing with her doesn’t hurt, she settles right down and cooperates. I really hope she stays this way, she will be an outstanding horse if she does. 

Another thing I did with Moon, was to stretch her legs out. For the front legs, I just stretched them forwards to simulate how it will be when her hooves will be up on a stand while they are being filed. For the back legs, I stretched them out behind her so that I can have easy access while trimming, and I stretched them forwards for how they will be when on the stand for filing. She actually seemed to enjoy the stretching. 🙂

Today I will hopefully trim my mini mare, Sugar, and haveMoon keep her hooves up on a stand for a little while. Sweetheart hates keeping her hooves on the sand while being filed so that make s her kind of annoying to trim, and I don’t want that problem with Moon. Of course, Sweetheart wasn’t really worked with from a young age like Moon is so that is probably why. I was too young at the time and my dad was way too busy when Sweetheart was a yearling. 

I made some more jewelry today too. The arrow earrings are for me, I like them too much to sell them and I don’t think I did a good enough job on them to sell them anyway. I think I’m going to redo the clasp on the necklace once I get more gold crimp beads because I didn’t get it pulled tight enough before I crimped it so it looks really sloppy when you hold it up. I might get a nicer clasp too, maybe a lobster clasp? I really kind of want to keep the butterfly earrings for myself too. But, I can’t keep everything….


We’ve also had a severe thunderstorm almost every single day all week and we are getting ready to have another so I better get out and trim a few more horses before it hits. See you later guys!


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