Lady broke a leg, I got a cold, and a heifer found a porcupine

Well, I got back from Bible camp last week and woke up the next day with a cold. I spent almost a week basically putting myself into quarentine in my room in an attempt to keep from getting my parents sick. An attempt that so far anyway, has been successful. I’m feeling better for the most part now, which means I’m on a horse every morning again and soon I’ll be in the hayfield too.

While I was at camp however, my border collie mix, Lady, hurt herself when she jumped out of the bed of our two-seater cart. Dad told me what happened when I got home and he had said her leg was really swollen but I just assumed that Lady had only sprained her leg really bad. However, when after a few days the swelling didn’t go down and she still wasn’t putting any weight on it, it was decided that she needed to go to the vet. We were already scheduled to take a few bulls in to have tested so we asked the vet to look at her right after we had that done. The vet advised that we leave her there for the day so that he could X-Ray it and get back to us.

The vet called later that day and said that Lady had broken two small bones in the ankle on her front leg. My dad picked her up from the vet the next day on his way home from selling a couple Bulls, and she walked through the front door with a big ol’ cast on her entire leg.

Cast or not, it still hasn’t slowed her down, she’s still trying to get me to play at all hours, day and night. I was woken up at almost three in the morning this morning by a grinning dog beating everything in my room to death with her tail, wide awake and ready to play!

This is going to be a looooong six weeks.

While we were sorting off Bulls, we came across a heifer that had a nose full of porcupine quills. It took around twenty minutes to get them all out, and by the time we were done, her nose was all bloody. Her nose will be sore for the next few days but she will be fine. Maybe now she’ll stay away from the porcupines!


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