Introvert writer


Introverts can be some of the greatest storytellers. We just are so uncomfortable around big groups of people, that it can be very difficult to immerse ourselves in the world, time, and adventure that we are trying to describe. But to write, is to tell you about every mountain, prarie, sea, castle, temple,  person, place, thing and story that resides in our minds that we so long to tell you about. 

When you write, it will give solid form to your imagination, and then you can never forget what you have created. For we writers are creators, recorders, and story-tellers. I saw a shirt once that said; 

“I’m a Writer. I have the power to creat and destroy entire worlds! What’s your super-power?”

 I believe that aside from Jesus, one of the greatest gifts that God gave us, was imagination. Think about it! Without imagination, we wouldn’t be able to make anything new, and think about how boring our minds and our lives would be!

I’m an introvert, but I seem very energetic to people who I am comfortable with. I’m really quiet until you get to know me, but once I’m comfortable with you, you’ll wish I was quiet! It is still very frustrating to me though that I almost completely shut down when I’m put in a group of teenagers and expected to “have fun”. Talking about makeup, or playing sports is so not my idea of “fun”, and neither is playing games that seem utterly silly and embarrassing. I pretty much only put makeup on when I am really dressing up for church, and even then I do it lightly. As far as sports, if I’m not on a horse then I can be a total klutz and I think I have only actually caught a frisbe maybe five times that I can remeber. Most of the time I am content to stand in the corner and watch how the other kids and adults interact with eachother. I’m a people watcher I guess. 

Wow, I just realized how creepy that sounded…… I promise I’m not a creep!!! I just don’t know what to do most of the time unless there is someone that I can talk to about something Ag or horse related most of the time! Side effect of being homeschooled, raised in the middle of nowhere with pretty much only adults around to talk to, and being an introvert. 🙂 

I like to be alone, but I don’t want to be lonely. 

But there are serious perks to being an introverted writer. Number one, less drama in the real world means that you have more time for more drama in your imaginary one! Number two, being a people watcher helps you know how to better form and describe interactions in your story. The third and final reason (also the only other one I could think of right now) that being an introvert helps when you are a writer, is that when you write, you can better describe how your feeling and thinking through your characters sometimes, than you can with your own mouth. 

“My words sound better comming from my hand, than they do from my mouth.”

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