Miniature Training Forecart

My birthday was last weekend and my dad’s birthday present to me was to help me build a Forecart for my miniature horse that I’m training. It took us a total of about three days because there were a couple things that we had to get in town to finish it.   

We started out with the rear axel of an ATV we had with a broken frame to use for parts, and took off the coil spring shock absorbers to remove the excess weight.  
He had to weld on a peice of the pipe that had been cut off for some reason after the frame had been broken.  My Dad looks pretty darn cool when he’s welding with his flame helmet 🙂          We did have a water hose nearby just in case too.   
   A metal square tube was bolted on so that the pipe holding on the traces and the swingle tree could be taken off and put on something else, or so that adjustments could be made easier later on. 

   Another square tube pipe was welded on to attach the swingle tree. 
   A metal collar was welded onto the tree to make it stand a little further out and to make it flex more with the horse’s movement.   
  We got some cheap doore hooks at a hardware store and heated them so that they could be bent. The one on the left was before we heated it enough to bend it because I almost forgot to take a picture. The one on the right was after it had been heated and straightened. I also made the mistake of scorching my fingers when I tried to move the left one over to get a better picture, and I hadn’t realized that the entire hook could heat that fast. Lesson learned.   
    I forgot to take pictures of when we welded on the hooks and then the other metal peice that raised and attached the shafts. 
   Finally! It’s done enough for Georgie to start pulling it! We’ll add the seat and a floor later.    The shafts were made out of replacement handles for the Choppers you use to remove dirt from a hole you’re digging. We got them at the same time we got the hooks at a hardware store. 
  Georgie behaved like a horse that had been pulling a cart his whole life and he’s only two years old 🙂     I need to punch more holes in the traces to shorten them up. The harness I bought was advertised as “Mini” sized but it was more like for a Shetland. I’ve had to put more holes in everything so far to make it fit. 
When we get it completely finished, I want to paint the whole thing (except the wood floor) blue, then it will match my harness and halters. Ironically, some of the scrap pipe we happened to use was already blue too.  Can you tell my favorite color is blue yet? Lol 🙂

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