So I’m really really, super afraid of thunderstorms. Like, deathly terrified, phobia kind of afraid. I won’t lie about it just to try and make myself look cool when everyone around me is enjoying the storm. Ever since we had one really bad storm a few years ago that tore off half our barn and I realized just how powerful and damaging storms could be, I will get so scared during real bad thunderstorms that I will literally cower in a corner crying and begging God to take my fear away, to protect me.  And then tonight I was home alone for awhile and we got a storm that had really high winds and lightning. So as I always do, I obsessively checked the radar and kept a wary eye on the clouds. 

 But what was different about tonight, was that throughout the whole storm I could clearly see the sun. I kept myself calm by repeating, “As long as I can still see the sun, I’m okey. I’m safe as long as the clouds don’t block out the sun.”

 And now that the storm has passed and once again, hasn’t killed or hurt me, it reminded me of something else. 

 There are lots of things in the world right now that are big and scary. I’m turning 18 years old in a few short hours and I’ll be a Senior in high school for starters. Isis is attacking Christians, mass shootings all over in the United States, our own government trying to take away our guns and our ability to protect ourselves and our families. Our government is also trying to silence us Christians because we are “causing too much trouble”. 

 All these things are really scary and it looks like things will only get worse from here, but these are just the storm clouds. As long as I can still see the SON, I know that I will be okey, that I am safe. 

 I’m still afraid and I probably still will be for a very long time, but even if the storms are big and dark, as long as I still believe that Jesus is right here with me, shining His light within me, I know I’ll be okey.  

 I can’t allow the dark clouds of my fear to block out His light.

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