To Fathers Everywhere…

To fathers everywhere, I say thankyou. Even if your not related by blood, you are still a dad when you take on the hard job of being that kind of role model. 

Sometimes being a dad means that you have to punish us and in return, we won’t like you very much for awhile, but in the end we thankyou for it. While I can’t say that I liked being punished, I do like the result of how it helped me grow into a better person and a better Christian. Using the words of my Youth Pastor, “A healthy fear of my dad put the brakes on a lot of bad behavior. And in the same way, a healthy fear of God puts the brakes on sin.” Those weren’t his exact words but that is what he said and it has stuck with me. 

 Sometimes being a dad is standing there while your child or teen rants their frustrations about a project that isn’t working right until we calm down enough to accept your help. Sometimes being a dad means that you do silly things that embarrass us but never fails to bring out a smile and a reluctant laugh. 

Sometimes being a dad means to become our heroes by smashing a spider, or chasing the monsters out of the closet. And sometimes you can become our biggest hero simply by showing us that you believe in us, that you are proud of us. Be careful how you do this though because what may seem like obvious pride to you, may seem like something entirely different to us, so don’t be shy and just come right out and say, “I’m proud of you.” Or “I believe in you.”

And being a dad to a teenage girl has to be really hard! I mean, I can barely handle me when I’m being PMSy but my dad is always the greatest through it, getting me chocolate, running to the store and standing in the ladies isle to buy me what I need even though it must be horribly awkward, and letting my lay around and Netflix binge. 

Yes, dads are pretty awesome if you ask me. Especially mine! 🙂

But no matter how cool my dad on earth is, there is none greater or more worthy of my love and praise than my Heavenly Father. He loves me so much that he was willing to send His ONLY SON to earth to die a slow, excruciatingly painful death after being mocked and beaten. 

Jesus loved me so much that He was willing to suffer not only the humiliation and torture before He was nailed to the cross, but Jesus even had to suffer the absolute desolation of God turning His face away from his Son while He carried our sins on that cross. And after Jesus died on the cross, He took our sins all the way to Hell and He stayed there for three days until the price was paid. After those thee days Jesus raised himself from the dead and now lives in heaven. But he didn’t leave us to struggle through this fallen world alone, no He sent us the Holy Spirit who lives within us as soon as we believe and accept Christ as our savior to help us. 

Because God sent His Son to die for us and because Jesus did it willingly, we can now have a personal relationship with God. I can talk to God all day long and He wants me to tell Him about every little thing even though He already knows it all because He loves me. 

So to Fathers everywhere and especially to my Heavenly Father and the Dad He gave me, Thankyou and Happy Father’s Day. 

My Dad is my Hero, but Jesus is my Super Hero

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