Tired and hot this week


It’s been almost 100 degrees all week and we still haven’t gotten our air conditioner fixed so we’ve all been hot and extra tired lately especially my dad. Haying season is in full swing now and we are almost half done with our first cutting on our pivot. I’m back on a horse everyday to move cows and check tanks and that in itself is exhausting. If I don’t go out and push the cows away from the tanks and into the hills when it starts to get hot out, they will stand around that tank until it starts to cool down. That create blowouts since we live in the rough-cut Sandhills where the soil is very very fragile. Once a blowout is started, it can more than triple in size in one summer especially if it’s a drought year. The people we bought our ranch from ran way too many cows on it during a ten-year drought and they almost completely ruined it. This year when we were checking grass before we put cows out on it, the grass has thickened up and the blow-outs are finally healing.

A few weeks ago we had a prairie dog pop up out of a hole right in front of our front porch, and the unlucky sucker was quickly dispatched by two very excited cattle dogs. One of the dogs was my three-year-old border collie mix Lady, and the other was a two-year-old Heeler/Dingo mix, Buster. Buster caught a mole above ground once too. Not long after the prairie dog incident, Lady also caught a gopher out in the pasture. The dogs aren’t the only ones having luck with the rodent population, the cats are always catching mice and gophers on our pivot too.

I’ve only seen one bull snake on our place so far this year and it was way out in a pasture that neighbors pivots. I have seen two rattlesnakes on separate days on my neighbor’s ranch when I was helping him move his cows. I’m perfectly okay with not seeing any other rattlesnakes this year though.

I’ve been working for my neighbor a lot the last week and it sounds like he’ll need my all lot this week too so I’m going to be bone tired.

Another bit of news out of the ordinary is that one of my nieces are coming for a visit this week so that should prove interesting.

And last but not least, my birthday is this Saturday!!! I’ll be 18 in six days!

This is going to be one loooooooong week…

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