Naming Characters-HELP!!!!

Okey, I have an awful time finding the perfect names for my characters. Sometimes I just type in randome letters like kdlfiahoe, and see if it looks like a name, and sometimes I spend hours on meaning-of-names web-sights on the Internet. Now I’m almost nine long chapters in and I still have one unnamed horse in chapter one, and a new character who needs a name. 

So…. Who wants to name a character in my book? Anyone?

Alright, well the character is a 16-17 year old boy, tall, skinny, pale, brown eyes, blond hair, and he is the second son of a very rich duke. He is very snobby and opinionated as well as being self-important. He is an advanced healer apprentice and will be the rival of Kerwin, my main character’s warrior apprentice. 

I haven’t decided whether or not this new character will be a traitor or an ally, so a name may influence my decision. 

Please leave your suggestions in the Coments. All names will be seriously considered. 

He needs a surname too and those are so hard to come up with, so any help will be much appreciated! 

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