Riding fence on a fresh horse. What could go wrong?

So I had to put over 100 new wood post staples in today and pound back in all the ones that got loose in one of our smaller pastures, and I took my filly Sweetheart to do it. 

She had gotten a scrape on the post of her shoulder a few weeks ago, nothing bad really, I just hadn’t wanted her to move around and irritate it until it was healed. Well she has been kept in a pretty small pen for a few weeks, and being toward the end of winter, we are running low on grass hay. I’ve been saving the grass hay that is left for my miniatures so that ment that Sweetheart and all the other horses are getting green alfalfa hay. 

So here is what all that means. Young, racy filly + small pen + little exercise + green alfalfa hay= BRAT 

At first, she was totally fine. A little annoying when she tried to sniff my hammer as I’m swinging it, but still behaving herself. Now I was on foot leading her from one post to the next putting staples in to hold up the barbed wire, and the pasture wasn’t all that far away so I hadn’t realized just how fresh she was. 

Until I got back on to ride to a part of the fence pretty far down the line. That’s when the fun began. 

My rear had barely hit the saddle and she did a perfect spin and took off toward home! At least I was fully in my seat and I had gathered my reins before I swung up, or else I might have been in a little bit of trouble. 

But I just sat down in my saddle and touched one rein to bring her around and she slowed right down. I kinda just sat there laughing for a minute because it was just so unexpected! I ended up taking her around the edge of the pasture twice to take the fresh off, first at a trot and then a lope/gallope. 

And the little attempt to run home wasn’t the end of her freshness. Oh no! Not by a long shot. Before I decided to just take her around the pasture and during the first lap she went to bucking. Now usually the extent of her bucking is just a few crow hops that I put an end to very quickly by making her bend he neck and rib cage to make it so she can’t buck. But today she was like a frisky foal who had just been put in a big feild with another foal for the first time! 

She went to bucking not once, not twice, but five times! After the second lap around the pasture though she was a perfect angel for the rest of the day.  

  After I took the fresh off you wouldn’t be able to guess that she had been a complete brat not 10 minutes ago.  Lady (the dog) got some much needed excerise too! 🙂
 She just looked at me like, “Who, Me? Buck?? Naw you must have the wrong horse!” Little stinker. 

My arm is another story though.  You go swing a hammer trying to put a huge stable into really hard wood at every angle and height imaginable for three and a half hours strait and see if your whole right arm, wrist, and hand ain’t sore! 

And I still have evening chores to do…..

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