Google, my magic box. 

         Please tell me I’m not the only writer who starts out looking for a picture of a throne room to make sure you described it right, but ended up looking at dungeons and torture chambers…… Seriously, the other day as I was doing a few changes I got to worrying that my throne room scene was inaccurately described, so to my magic box I went (Google). I was relieved to find that I had done a pretty darn good job in my rather elaborate and dramatic description, but that got me thinking about other parts of my castle. Was the kitchen big enough, were there really parts of the castle just for the staff’s chambers, where exactly were the chamber pots hidden, what were the dining rooms like, were they reserved only for evening meals and special occasion or could you eat breakfast there too? And then I came to the question that I didn’t really want to know the answer to, my dungeon and torture chamber. 

         As a captured spy of an enemy country, naturally she is going to be interrogated, and when she is less than cooperative, tortured. I rushed through that chapter with as little detail as possible because it was just so darn depressing to torture my favorite character. I know I’m going to have to go back at some point and do a little more detail to make it flow with the rest of the story, but for now, I’ll just keep skimming over it and make little changes at a time. 
  Sometimes what I write makes me want to cry! I hope that means I’m doing something right. 
       I have been doing a little research on making money as an author and came across short story competions(Once again through my Magic Box). It would be nice if I could win one every once in awhile because I’m saving up to buy myself a good laptop for my writing and schoolwork. I’ve heard that MacBook is the way to go and I think it will be worth the longer wait as I earn the money. But anyway, back to the competions. There seem to be a lot of competions that are free to enter but they have large cash prizes, yet there are others that you have to pay to enter with both large and small prizes. One blog I read about the short story competitions, said that as a general rule, stay away from the ones you have to pay to enter unless they can prove that they are not a scam. I really want to enter one, but all the ones I’ve tried, say that I require a memborship but don’t say how to do it!

          If anyone reading this knows of any competitions for Cretive Writing, Short story Fiction, or something like that, please let me know. I got second place for my region of the state for junior high students in South Dakota, so I kinda know what I’m doin, it’s just the entering part I have a hard time with. I would like to do something with a weekly or monthly challenge so that I can get some experience, not to mention some pocket change. I don’t need any big prizes, heck, even $10 for a short story would be nice!

         Do any of you want me to post short stories, or little excerpts from my book here? My short stories always end up on the longer side nowadays it seems, but I will try. I’ve been so focused on my book that I haven’t written anything short in quite awhile so I’m a little out of practice. 🙂

        It’s going to be rainy for the next few days where I live, so I won’t be doing much on the ranch. Hopefully I’ll finally be able to make this look like a real blog. I’ll try to get a page set up for short stories and for questions, but we’ll see if that actually happens….

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