Is winter over already?

      Not that I’m complaining or anything, but we have had a very easy winter so far. Pretty much all the snow has melted now and it has been very warm out. It’s supposed to be in the 70’s this Saturday! We are getting ready to start calving, and we got all our bull calves banded so we’ll be selling them as steers in the next week or two. Calf prices droped last fall and they still haven’t picked back up so we’re getting $400 less per calf than last spring. That may not seem like a lot to you if your not a Rancher, but for every 50 calves that’s $20,000 your not getting. We are doing everything that we can to get our calves to sell higher such as banding the Bulls to make them streers, sorting off long horns and Herferds to sell seperatly, and making sure they get plenty of the best hay. Buyers always pay less for long horns and Herferds so if you sell them in separate groups from all your other calves you can get a better price. We sold a small group of heifers ready to breed this fall and there was one heifer with little nubbins for horns in the group. She had a beautiful build and was everything the buyers were wanting except for the horns but they still sorted her off in the ring and sold her for way less just because of the horns.

I got my new horse last month! She is a beautiful sorrel with a star that looks kinda like a crescent moon, and her hooves are black which is really good because black hooves are a lot stronger than white ones. I named her Moon. After we brought her home it took me several days to be able to pet her. Now she lets me walk right up to her and start scratching under her neck. So the next step is to get her comfortable with me touching her all over her face so that I can start putting a halter on her. Moon is only about 9 months old so I can’t start training her under saddle for quite some time, but I can do all the ground work this summer. It’s best to wait until a horse is two years old to start training them under saddle, and wait until they are at least four years old to start working them hard. If you work them too hard too young, it can stunt their growth and it is very are on their joints, ligaments, and bones because they aren’t done growing and maturing. Not to mention that if you push them too much to young you will only be rushing the learning process and that can only lead to disasters later on.

I’m sorry that I haven’t updated regularly, but nothing much has really been happening around here lately that I thought would be of any interest to wright about. The weather may be warming up, but winter insn’t over yet. Last year we had our worst blizzard in April, so I wont complain about a title sun and warmth while we have it.

Please leave a comment below, I would love to get some feedback. If you want me to wright about something specific either about being an author, cowgirl, rancher’s daughter, or horse trainer, please ask! I would love to answer anyone’s questions to the best of my ability!

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