Writing struggles of the week

   Oh so often… I have google docs on my phone and ipad so when I get bored while we are running errands I just start working on my book but it looks just like I’m texting. 


 There were a few scenes in my book that I went back and rewrote because I thought to myself, “what if this became a big hit and someone wanted to turn it into a movie?”

    It’s actually kinda freaky sometimes. And you have to refrain from going up to them and whispering ergently, ” What are you doing here?!” And then when they behave totally different from your characters and you feel like you should correct them. 😄
 I really need to get that part figured out officially……😶

   Yes. Yes it is. Do you really need to ask that?
  Every writer’s struggle. 

  All my ideas ALWAYS come right as I’m about to crawl into bed. 

   I’ve made really good progress all things considered on my book lately, but I have this annoying habit of getting an idea to use later on in the book, so I write it down. But then I just keeping getting more ideas to expand on, and in no time at all I’ve written three chapters that won’t go into the book until like chapter 10, when I’m still working on chapter three. Ideas just keep coming for the middle of the book, but they have totally stopped for chapter three! Does anyone else have this problem? 

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