Home again at last

Oatmeal with sugared apples on top and scrambled eggs with cheese on the side is what’s for breakfast on the ranch today. 

 We spent our weekend in South Dakota packing up our old house. It will take several more trips to finish with the house but we got a good start on it at least. We left Friday morning and got back last night. 

One of the things I found in my room was my digital camera and it had pictures on it from 7 or 8 yeas ago! Some of the things I took pictures of back then are just down right hilarious. 

This morning when I went out to do my chores while mom was making breakfast, I was mobbed by the dogs. They were all barking, whining, bouncing up and down, gluing themselves to my legs, trying to get me to play, and demanding to be fed all at once! In other words, they were very happy to see me. Seriously, I leave home for a Day and they act like I abandoned them for a week! My Border Collie mix wouldn’t go more than a few feet from me for several days after I went to a week long bible camp! But I love them all and it’s good to be home again. 

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