If your a shortie, you understand the struggle

You know how when you were little and your mom would scold you for climbing the shelves like a ladder? Well now when even she can’t reach it, she asks me to climb up there to get the last box of Cheerios that are all the way in the back.  Even tall people have a hard time in some stores now days!

I still laugh when I think about how my mom walked into our kitchen as I was getting my cereal down one morning, only to see me standing on tippy toe with a spatula in my hand. I would coax the box to the edge of the cuboard shelf until the box stuck out a couple inches, and then I would kinda flick it off and I would catch it with my other hand with the ease that only comes from lots of practice.  Apparently my mom had not know that I had been doing that since I was eight years old and found it extremely amusing. I was thirteen at the time I think. I’m seventeen and 5’1.24″ tall now and I still have to get creative to reach things up high. It’s too much work to go and get a step stool, or chair every time I need something in my own house. 

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